Precious Moments

Precious Moments

In the still quiet hours of the morning, the meadow lark elaborates on the day, and the coyotes howl their final good-byes to the moon, and I sit in wonder at the amazing light fingering the eastern skies. Even on days when the skies are totally clear, the light filters through the atmosphere slowly enough to find moisture and dust to light up with color.

First light is colored, orange and red, slivers of brilliance fragmenting across the deep blues that fade into day.

Memories of a lifetime fill my mind.

Tell My StoryThoughts. Words. People. Laughter. Tears. All things blend together forming chains of thought meandering from one moment to another. some frame the world that exists today, others fade into the distance, hiding from the light, as if they wish they’d never happened. But, I remember.

A life well lived isn’t always happy. At times, tears wash the stains from the moment, clear the air, and bring relevance to people who might have made no difference. Other people changed the world with their presence. Still others, unremarkably left scars on the land, stains on hearts, and sorrow in their paths.

As I consider the warm cup in my hand, a bitter brew flowing, the realization that each moment is a blessing. I know that this day – I must make a difference that matters.

Today, I must make a precious memory.

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