Oris has been busy – not writing!

Oris has been busy – not writing!

Can’t imagine how much this guy likes to ‘keep busy’ with ‘stuff about the house. But one of his favorite ‘entrapments’ is the Treadle Machine.

A singer sewing machine that stitches fine white muslin into perfectly square and useful tea towels, with embroidered embellishments.

tea partyWhen I stopped by to visit a few days back, he’d created some cute little emblems reminiscent of yesterday. And I was impressed with the details.

Then he said he was selling these decadent clothes for $7.50 just to decorate the front of the cook stove. I’m an old fashioned kind of girl, so I can’t imagine having a tea towel without a tea party – you know, the kind where pink roses, delicate china cups and saucers, with tea that fills the room with sweet aromas, and tea cakes? Yes, tea cakes, those delicate, tiny little decadent cakes that are gone in two bites? Yeah, those.

tea cup towelsSo, we discussed his towels, and what the average girl of this century would do with them. I said, finger towels at a party, or a cup towel for drying the finer china in my kitchen (I don’t have a lot, but I do have a few delightfully well painted little cups in there). But he wasn’t so sure.

So, I’ll leave it up to you, whether you want to use them to decorate the rail across the front of your stove or to dry your most delicate china. You decide.

Tea TowelsHere’s a couple for you to look at, and see what you’d do with them. Or you can click on the Mercantile and Order a couple up for your own kitchen, just to figure out what you’ll do with them.

Then… Addie Verhoeffof course, we asked Addie what she would do. And the little miss had an opinion all her own. She said, “Well, let me see if they’re soft, and if they should be used for babies. If they should, then I’d use one to wipe my chin, or to catch a drip from my cup, or maybe to catch a crumb from my cake. But I’d definitely use them frequently. I like tea clothes.

And that’s what Addie said.

Take it or leave it… That’s up to you, but she had an opinion to share.

She also suggested that Oris should come for a visit, to see her soon, all the way to her house.



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