kind words

kind words

“To know him is to love him! One by one he suckered my kids into the “Oris Reed” fan club. I only have one who hasn’t crossed over to the dark side and she is coming for a visit soon…”

~ Kathy Tracy Anderson

“The most genuine person I have ever met.”

~ Randy Robinson

“Extra-ordinary. When I met Oris, he was looking for a writers group that had some ambition. I noted the spark in his eye and the spring in his step, he was a bit long in the tooth, but a spry old guy, said he wrote stories about mules and boys with attitude and spunk. I figured he couldn’t be all bad, and invited him to a meeting. We gathered around the table out at the Reed Castle and his wife fed us ice cream with homemade chocolate sauce. Five writers gathered that first night at a new venue. And he inspired the word smith out of me.”

~Jan Verhoeff

Oris George
Oris George

“Can you smell the apple pie ready to leave the oven? Do you long to feel a lazy afternoon leaning on the corral gate and smelling the new mown hay? Do you imagine a big bold rooster complete with a suit and attitude? Well, you just read a story from Oris George’s book “Along the Back Roads of Yesterday”.

A private sort of fellow, steeped in deep abiding beliefs, both spiritual and customary. He strives for perfection. Just ask his very patient sewing and writing friends. Oris George is a man of conscience, manners, love and intellect like no other.

His years spent in France took this experienced farm boy and polished him as only a European visit can do.”

~Danielle Simone

“I was about 13 when I met him. He slapped me upside the head and told me to grow up and write something. I did.”

~Kenton Verhoeff


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