It happened in the book.

It happened in the book.

I woke up laughing this morning.

A picture in my mind…

Back Roads of Yesterday - Oris GeorgeOne young lad carting eggs to town for his mother, driving a team of one stubborn mule and a buckboard. The mule stopped suddenly, eggs flew everywhere and the lad, covered in processed mule feed, returned home a wee bit smarter than he’d been when he left.

A life lesson?

A fable is a lesson taught  through a story. A story that may or may not have been true, but the lesson taught in the story reveals a side of reality that can be easily construed, or missed entirely.

We either learn from our mistakes or from the mistakes of others. But most will agree that life lessons are drawn from mistakes made.

Prayers change the prayer, not the prayee. 

Whenever I struggle to deal with a person, I put them on my prayer list. Over the years, I’ve learned that if I pray consistently for a person, they become easier for me to understand. They often even become friends, and occasionally, I get over the anger I’ve felt toward them, and accept their human failures by finding more about them to like than dislike.

My prayers for those people whom I struggle with don’t change them, they change me.

Such is the way of life lessons, we can’t teach them. We learn them.

The coyote howls in the distance…

And a new day begins.

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