Fox Guarding the Hen House

Fox Guarding the Hen House

I don’t often get political, but there are times when the old shoe just fits so well, I can’t kick it off until I walk in it for a while. And this is one of those times…

You see, I find myself looking at the current day political agenda and there at the front of it all I see one big red fox. The “We the people” of the constitution are a bunch of cackling, egg laying, hens with plenty of flying feathers, and knit picking in the hen house.

And the longer we cackle about our lack of leadership in the white house, the fewer feathers the hens are wearing, leaving more tender skin on the rump for the fox to bite. There isn’t a gooder flavor in the world than plucked chicken in the hen house if you’re a fox.

And there you have it…

The reason Americans feel vulnerable, and rush out to buy more guns to protect themselves from the government is the same reason the farmer doesn’t leave the fox to guard the hen house.

We have a chicken butt eating fox in the white house, and the farmer (all those conservative, Bible thumping, gun buying, conservatives) isn’t liking the loss of butt cheeks on his chickens.

We like our liberty.

Do you get it yet?

We don’t like people stealing away our liberty, and we’re not going to sit back and watch our liberty go down the drain without a fight.

NEVER leave a fox to watch the hen house!

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