A quick stroll down memory lane…

A quick stroll down memory lane…

You know there’s always a story… Oris is talking instead of smiling for the camera, but then… how could he compete with the smile of his lovely bride.

Daughter Marcia shares –

Seriously…how much to you LOVE this picture of Mom and Dad?!?! Especially, Mom, hmmm? I LOVE it!!! Just look at her! She’s so beautiful in this one…it just captures her so perfectly! It says it was taken in July 1965…so just before I was born. I LOVE it and wanted to share it with you, even if it does make us both cry all night long, okay? Love you!

Marcia Lynn McClure

Daughter Luanna adds –

I love you, too! And yes it’s going to make me cry but it’s worth it to remember her like this!

And friend, Betty Butler, comments –

I was in high school when these two visited my parents often. Patsy would try to keep Oris reined in. “Now ORIS!!! behave!”. He was the tease and bane if my teen years. And she the guardian. Love her and her giggles. And she sure loves my red headed boys..

There’s always a story at the George Castle. Go ahead, click on the link on the right and pick up a copy of his book Along the Back Roads of Yesterday to read one of his delightful essays, or more…

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