did you ever wonder what ole mule writers do on Saturday night?

sleep, silly! Of course, we sleep. We have to get up on Sunday morning and go to Sunday meeting.

Back Roads of Yesterday - Oris GeorgeThat’s the kind of thing you learn on a site where the every day events take center stage. You learn about the every day events of life, nostalgia they call it these days, that keep people out there being people.

you might find out what I had for dinner, or how to cook it. Or you might find that I know how to sew and weave, and write a book. You might even find out that Elmer Coyote has fleas and we don’t let him come around the house now because he might bring the plague up from the river bottom. Or I might even share that some folks believe cut onions left on saucers around your home gather up germs and save folks from the ravages of the plague, when nothing else worked. Because I lived a long time, and I know things like that…

That’s the kind of thing ole mule writers write about… on their blog… when they write.

Spring Special Delights – WWOD?

yellow heirloom roseYou know it’s spring when all those stories of What Would Oris Do? come rushing to the surface…

A Rose by any other name would smell the same — click on the rose to know WWOD?

Oris & Patsy with daughter Luanna
Oris & Patsy with daughter Luanna


When you stop by — bring chocolate cake!

It’s a house rule. Oris likes chocolate cake, so all guests bring a big double layer with extra chocolate icing to share when you visit the Reed Castle.


It’s been recently learned that Oris is rather affected by carrot cake as well. So, the thing is, it doesn’t matter what kind of cake you bring… Just bring cake when you visit.

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10 thoughts on “home

  1. So glad to see your website again, Oris. Love your writing and the special way you look at things. I am delighted to see your Mother’s Journal entries on here…. such a special lady!

  2. Can’t stop an ole mule writer! A young one might have more sense, though… or a better memory.

    Just kidding Oris!

  3. Yippee you are back on the net again… keep writing and keep rebuilding! Teamdonk is one of your driving forces! Love the new updated photo of your other driving force! 🙂

  4. I had a website for years. I finally came to the conclusion that the maintenance wasn’t cost effective. It’s a lot of work!

    1. With the right webmaster, an appropriate website, and good communication between you the management of your website is easy, cost effective and worth the expense.

      Just ask Oris about his web master.

  5. Love seeing all these comments on here, building up O’s site again. Will be helping him with changing his front page, adding some graphics and increasing the content – so his products, book and other items of interest are available this week.

    If you need a website – click on my name. I do awesome work – just ask Oris.

  6. Welcome back, shy guy!!

    Can’t wait for the next series of episodes with Henry, Grandad, the ole rooster and the rest of your “Along the Back Roads” gang…

  7. ‘Ol Man, “Mitch” here. One word to describe Oris; “inspiration” what he is to everyone! Happy Belated Father’s Day! I miss you and Patsy. Love you both dearly. Thank you for being my friend and someone who doesn’t sugar coat everything. You tell it how it needs to be told to make sure we get the point. So much so that I “got tied in a knot” and you can no longer hold that over my head. “wink, wink”.

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